Jan. 21st, 2017

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I haven't felt inclined to write. I've been doing stuff, but have been feeling kind of blah about everything.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have very recently started volunteering for the Victorian Order of Nurses, a non-profit organization that provides a lot of services for senior citizens. I prefer doing office stuff, because I'm a bit of a geek who enjoys organizing information, and they like that because apparently few volunteers like working in the office. So it works for everyone. What I'm doing now is typing out interviews that were taped. It's taking longer than I expected. The first interview was particularly challenging as the interviewee didn't speak very well. I had to listen again and again and again to try to decipher what she was saying, and in some places I just couldn't. A 24 minute interview took me days to type.

Before yesterday, I hadn't worked on my book for about two weeks or so. I was stuck and, again, not inclined to work on it. But I got an idea while walking and wrote about a thousand words yesterday. I came up with a really silly idea that I'm keeping unless, at some point in the future, and editor says I MUST take it out. I have a new idea for a subplot. I was worried that because I won't be self-publishing this one, and it is highly unlikely a traditional publisher would take it, I might have lost interest in writing altogether. I am happy to be able to say that this is not so.

Speaking of self vs. traditional publishers, I looked up Canadian publishing companies to see if the industry had become less snobbish. Because the book takes place in Ottawa, a Canadian company might be interested in it despite the fact that it's not literature. What I found was a confusing list that included traditional and self-publishing companies in a confusing manner. Obviously, I have nothing against self-publishing companies as long as they're not trying to rip off the writers, but on this list, some self-publishing companies looked as though they are traditional. Someone with experience can spot the nature of those companies, but a writer without experience could easily be misled. Scummy.

And speaking of scummy, one of the traditional companies on the list is. They want all rights, including movie and audio and other rights usually left to the author. They also wanted world rights, not just North America or whatever. Advance royalties to be negotiated. It's appalling.


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