Feb. 25th, 2017

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I recently wrote a post about a horrific new bill from the Liberal party that would grant American border guards working at the pre-clearance stations in Canadian airports enormous powers to question, detain, and strip search people travelling from Canada to the US. There is, of course, some serious backlash against this terrible law, but that makes no difference to the Liberals. Trudeau is defending the bill by claiming that it will be reciprocal, as in Canadian border guards will be doing the same thing to people trying to pass from the States to Canadian. That people other than Canadians will be violated in the same way is just vile.

One of the loosey goosey limitations on the acts of the American border guards is, in theory, that the actions of the border guards can't violate Canadian law or Constitution because the activities will take place on Canadian soil. First, it's pretty clear that the border guards don't respect their own values. It would be idiotic to believe they would respect ours. Second, Canadian law demands a far lower standard of privacy at airports. Here's a quote from the article I will be linking: "it should be noted that in Canada under the Customs Act, a Border Services officer does not need to have individualized suspicion to search your luggage or other possessions."

Also, because Canada will have a law allowing the American border guards to do this, they won't be violating laws when they question, detain, and strip search whoever they want to.

Link: https://bccla.org/privacy-handbook/main-menu/privacy6contents/privacy6-8.html


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