Feb. 26th, 2017

Ticked off

Feb. 26th, 2017 01:53 pm
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It infuriates me when people put online information about me without checking with me first. I deliberately don't put the name of my city online, and that includes not referring to big events. I don't put my picture online because I don't want to. Yet a person who keeps her own location to herself mentioned mine in a post. A guy who knew me in junior high took my photo off my law firm's website and spread it all over the place without even telling me. It wasn't until I expressed how ticked off I was on Facebook that I learned who did it, and he protested that he was doing it as a favour, to help my sales or whatever. Don't do favours for people without checking that they want that favour done. If he's ever put a picture of himself online, I've never seen it. I can ask people to take this stuff down, but my picture is still out there, it pops up when someone googles my name. It's also years out of date. If anyone meets me in person, they'll think I put that inaccurate picture up to fool people, like someone on a dating site trying to lure in people by using an old picture.

It's genuinely baffling to me. If someone is careful not to put their own information online, why in the world do they think it's ok to put someone else's personal information online?

I will never stop being pissed off about that picture.
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The Netherlands designed a tulip for us to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. It's designed to look like the Canadian flag, and it's gorgeous.


I just wonder what a country so much older than us thinks of us getting so excited about 150 years.


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