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The liberal party has introduced, and will therefore pass, a bill that gives American border guards in airports that enable pre-clearance very broad and, at the same time, ill-defined powers. I've read the bill, and it appears that the border guards can detain Canadians while on Canadian soil, with the reasons for doing so poorly defined, can strip search under vaguely defined circumstances, and can use force that causes grievance bodily harm and even death if they deem it justified. I've seen nothing about having a right to a lawyer. While we all know that Muslims, and those suspected of being Muslims, as well as people of colour, will be the primary targets, no one is really safe once the bill is enacted. Here's a link to the bill:

Date: 2017-02-13 06:00 pm (UTC)
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That is definitely concerning. Here, airports within a certain distance of any border (I believe 100 miles?) has certain Constitutionally-guaranteed rights suspended. Such as, if I as a citizen are detained, I might not be allowed to contact an attorney when questioned. This law sounds absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea how your laws pass through Parliament from proposal to final passage, I hope someone derails it. Giving non-Canadians that kind of power on Canadian soil is a recipe for disaster.


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