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This is a post written by Seanan McGuire in 2012, called Things I Won't Do to My Characters, Ever. She was prompted to write this post by someone asking her "when" her female protagonists would "finally" be raped. When she said never, she was told leaving rape out of her fantasy/sci-fi story was unrealistic.

So these people can accept spaceships, but women who are never raped? That's too far beyond the ability to suspend belief.

My protagonists will never be raped, nor will regular members of the cast. In my detective/urban fantasy thing, there are characters, not protagonists, who have been raped in the past, but it has nothing to do with them being punished for being female characters or as a cheap means of increasing drama, nor does the story delve into the emotional and other impacts of being raped. It is entirely about the legal aspect of rape, and how our legal system viciously assaults victims from the time of the report to the dismissal of the charges in the courtroom. That aspect of the plot, unfortunately, has nothing to do with fantasy. It's not, unfortunately, unrealistic.

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Gives whole new levels of meaning to the term "self-insertion fantasy", doesn't it? :-(


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