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I'm not involved with any fantasy/sci-fi conventions, but I follow enough writers on Facebook that I'm aware not only of the existence of cons, but the frequency with which cons try to avoid dealing with the predators in their midst because they'd rather have the predators on their panels than create a safe environment for everyone. And do you know what I see every single time? "We're volunteers." And I say, so what? That is no defense for the failure to do the job properly. Every volunteer position I've ever had involved sessions in which I learned my duties and responsibilities, and sanctions for breaching either. My last one, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Now, I doubt anything serious would happen to me if I breached that agreement, but it would be a scummy thing to do, and at the very least I'd be kicked out for it.

If you're not going to do the job, don't volunteer.

I recognize that many volunteers in a con don't have any involvement with controlling who is or isn't part of the panels or other significant roles, my comment involves those who do.

Date: 2017-05-21 12:36 am (UTC)
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In my experience with bullies and the like, NOBODY but nobody is willing to actually *gasp* separate the bully and victim, or the harasser and harassee. Why? It's too much trouble. It's awkward! It's unfriendly! Why can't we all just get along, amirite?


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