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I love the city I'm living in, and for a small city it has a lot of big city benefits without the disadvantages - no gridlock! - but it doesn't have a lot of events that I'm interested in. For example, I'm interested in book conventions, but most involve depressing "literature" and depressing non-fiction, neither of which I'm interested in.

So I'm delighted that the book convention for genre fiction has grown so much from it's first event last year that they're cutting off applications for authors to appear on panels. They simply don't have the room to accommodate more panels. And the space they're in is considerably larger than the space they'd used last year. I like listening to authors from every genre, even the genres I don't read, and the workshops are really helpful for the stuff I like to write, again, no matter what the genre the instructor favours.

And it's a much better deal, financially. The cost of a two-day ticket is lower than most of the single events at the literary event. I don't know if the literary convention pays the writers - the genre convention doesn't - but the prohibitive prices would bar a lot of people from attending. I'm wondering if that's on purpose.
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