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Today was the second day of a book convention geared to genre fiction. Yesterday was great. I chose the panels instead of the readings and workshops because I find writers are often tell great stories, vocally. Much fun was had with the discussion involving Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone on the panels thought fanfiction was great.

Today was not so good. Due to stuff going on this past week, I could barely drag myself out of bed. I skipped the morning program, which I wasn't really interested in, and went to two workshops in the afternoon. The first, about writing urban fantasy, was interesting and revealed a HORRIBLE MISTAKE in my detective/urban fantasy/sci-fi thing. A really big problem that will require a tonne of research and significant rewrites. If I hadn't caught it and self-published the book, it would have been awful.

So that was good, but the second panel was supposed to be about how to build a back-story for your characters. That's what it was called. What it really was about was how to demonstrate the nature of your character through use of objects, vocabulary, setting, etc. Good stuff but not why I was there, and it involved exercises in which you had to create characters on the spot and write a scene for them. I HATE THAT. I don't need to dream up characters on the spot when I write, I don't dream up anything on the spot. If I'd known what the workshop was about, I wouldn't have gone, and since there were only two of us there, I couldn't sneak out.

But all in all, a good time, and I'll be going next year.


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