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I'm not liberal, I am left of liberal, unless that farther left party implodes. The last provincial election was the first I'd ever voted in, which is shameful, but whatever. Some year I might actually vote for a mayor. Anyway, during the last election, I hadn't known what was going on at the provincial level, and I decided to do some research. I had been vaguely aware that the liberals had made a mess, but had just gotten new leadership. I didn't know how similar, if at all, the provincial parties were to their national counterparts, and I was prepared to do some research. What had me voting liberal was a ridiculous document released by the conservatives about how they were going to create a million jobs, founded on inept math - more like 400,000 jobs, and only if no one got a raise in eight years, and even that was highly speculative - lies, some meaningless promises, and the old conservative standby, the way to a strong economy is austerity combined with lower corporate taxes and less regulation.

Anyone tries to claim that lowering corporate taxes and cutting back regulations benefits anyone but big business owners and I'm out of there.

Plus the conservative leader looked kinda psycho.

So I voted liberal.

They've been a mess, and the conservatives have chosen a new leader, so I took a gander at his website. This is what is under the party's goals and principles, in quotes, with my thoughts following.


The following are the aims and principles of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party:

(a) We believe in freedom of speech, worship and assembly, in loyalty to Canada and to the Monarch of Canada and in the rule of law."

There are a bunch of freedoms listed in the Charter of Rights and Freedom, and I think the fact that they pledge support for only these three is significant. I believe in freedom of speech, but that freedom has, like every other right, limits. It has been my experience that the people who scream the loudest about their freedom of speech are those who want to spew the most horrific vicious crap about people not like them, without consequences. We don't have freedom of worship, but freedom of religion, which is a slightly different thing, and I'm not thrilled to have religion promoted over other rights, like equality, in the principles of a political party.

Loyalty to Canada? Who doesn't have that as a principle? WTF?

Loyalty to the Monarch is code for favouring "old stock" Canadians, which, according to the lack of knowledge held by many, means white Canadians of British background, though white Europeans from other countries are ok, too.

We all believe in the rule of law, too, but there is something threatening about the way the term is used here. Like they believe people who smoke grass should spend ten years in jail.

"(b) We believe that government should serve the people and that progress requires a competitive economy, which, accepting its social responsibilities, allows every individual freedom of opportunity and initiative and the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour."

This is quite the word salad. I propose that pushing these two ideas together, government serving the people and a free market is best with the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour, means that they think the government should let the business sector run free with little taxation. The "accepting its social responsibilities" is meaningless.

"(c) We believe in the ethical and accountable execution of the business of government."

Good for you. So does everyone. Until they get elected.

"(d) We believe that the interests of Ontario are best served by a strong, united and democratic Canada."

Recently, "united Canada" has been code for pushing back against multiculturalism.

"(e) We believe that economic freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and the right to private property are essential to economic prosperity and political freedom."

Free market good, regulation and socialism bad. In case you didn't get it the first time.

"(f) We believe in the values of the family which encourage tolerance and mutual support."

They don't flat out use the exact term "family values" because they know that, in Canada, such rhetoric has come to mean demeaning anyone who isn't part of a white, heterosexual family. It's anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-sex education. And it's really best if mom stayed home and take care of the kids. But that's what this principle means.

"(g) We believe that social justice entails equality of opportunity, including fair and equal treatment for all Ontarians and the provision of support to those in need."

This sounds good, but I've noticed that the conservative definitions of "fair" and "in need" are different from mine.

"(h) We believe in and accept our responsibilities for the preservation of Ontario's heritage and cultural diversity and the conservation and renewal of our environment for present and future generations."

Another example of taking two different ideas and shoving them into the same item. The bit about Ontario's heritage - which means the good old ways - is in direct conflict with cultural diversity. The conservation and renewal of the environment sounds great. If it's sincere. The liberal party has completely fallen down in this area.

Anyway, skeezy. Unless there are some significant changes, I don't think I'll be voting conservative. That doesn't mean I'll be voting liberal. They've seriously screwed up. I'll have to see what the NDP will be doing. That bit about imploding, that was what they did last time.

Date: 2017-06-27 03:28 pm (UTC)
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That's also my problem. There are things about both of the American major parties that I don't like, so what am I supposed to do?

The newly-release alleged health care bill should destroy the Republicans next year, but somehow His Pumpkiness still packs them in at rallies. He says the most ridiculous things and gets rave applause about how he has Wall Street bankers heading up government departments when during his campaign he was talking about and getting rave applause about how when inauguration day came we'd all get to tell Wall Street board rooms that all these CEOs would be fired. Absolute dissonance, yet he still has hordes of supporters.

On a different topic, something that I'd appreciate your input: I believe it was Prince Harry was recently quoted that none of the current royals want the crown when the Queen dies. As I recall, Canada is sort of formally divested from the UK, I wonder what that would mean to the other parts of the world once she's gone and there's no one willing to step in to her shoes.


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