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I have my book club meeting tonight. I adore my book club. They're all women, none of them are lawyers, and they're so articulate and funny and smart. I always have a riot when I'm with them. They give me insight into other professions or what it's like to be a mother full time.

I don't know if I've written in my blog how I ended up joining the book club. (If I'm repeating myself, please forgive me.) Three years ago, I was at the bank changing my Canadian money to American, as I was planning to visit my friends in the States to celebrate the release of Resenting the Hero. To get American money, someone had to go into the vault in the back, so while we were waiting, the teller asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to Kentucky, which is not an obvious destination for Canadians at that time of year. She asked me why I was going there, and I told her. She was pleased to hear of a local author, and she asked me if I would be willing to go to her book club if they read my book. I, of course, was delighted and flattered and agreed.

The location was changed at the last minute, as the original hostess had stopped by at another book clubber's house and ended up drinking too much to drive back to her own place. When I heard that, I knew at once that this was the crowd for me.

There is usually an attempt to have a theme at each book club meeting, derived from the book of the month. The theme that night was Perfect Pairs. Pizza and beer, strawberries and cream, rum and coke, etc. I had a blast, and they asked me some questions and offered critiques that gave me a new insight into how the story had come off to outside readers. And the next day, I was asked to be a regular member. I'm so glad I said yes.

The book from this month is 'The Other Boleyn Girl.' I didn't expect to like it. I loved it. I spent two days doing nothing but reading. It's been a long time since a book gripped me that thoroughly. (Certainly more than 'War and Peace,' which was Oh My God so boring.) The theme tonight is merely something English. I'm cheating by making chocolate trifle. Trife is English, but I don't think the chocolate version is. Still, it's something I can make, and it's very tasty.

I love my book club.


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