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This time, it isn't my fault. I really had stopped watching the Kerodin Show, having found other things to ridicule. What happened is that, a short while ago, two of his former best buds contacted me. They had been burned by Kerodin and had turned against him, and they said they had found some of my posts useful. Creeped out by people who want their country to fall apart so they can slaughter their neighbours without legal repercussions, I carefully said that I was glad if anything I did could help people legally stop Kerodin from taking advantage of more people, and I haven't heard from them since.

I guess I run the risk of them sending me nasty emails for posting this, but I doubt they're still watching me. This particular "enemy of freedom" is too insignificant to waste time on. Canadian/socialist/communist/Marxist/fascist/nanny-state libtard sheep.

Karma! Not that Kerodin is experiencing it, even though many of his highest ranking rats are leaving the ship. He'll always be able to find more vicious people to send him their limited amounts of cash. No, this is karma for the horrific people who supported him.

I have read a little bit since those emails, and it turns out that Kerodin is suspected of mishandling funds. Are you dying of shock? The convicted swindler might be misusing people's money. Couldn't see that happening a hundred klicks away.

I'm not usually one to trash the victims of con jobs. Some people only see the good in others, some don't have the experience to know there are scumbags out there, and some just aren't very bright. But this isn't about a perfectly healthy person going online begging for donations to fund their imaginary cancer treatment, or even a Nigerian prince offering millions. A bunch of people read the homicidal rantings of an asshole and thought, "Yeah, that's the kind of guy I want to hang out with." They're all just as bad as him.

And Jim Miller. He was the guy right there at the ground floor. He was the one scheming with Kerodin to move to a small town, act nice until they got elected, and then drive out all of the residents who didn't agree with them. He got burned, too. Oh, the humanity. Kerodin could screw over everyone else and it was fine, but screwing over Miller? That's stepping over the line.

Now there are a bunch of posts about betrayal and what a liar Kerodin is and it's so sad because it was all dead obvious from the very beginning.

What's sadder is that they didn't learn a damn thing. They still talk about the Citadel as a great idea. All these people eager to pay for the privilege of being Kerodin and Miller's private army, told what guns they would have, how much ammunition they would keep, where they would wear their guns, and when they would offer up a member of their family for the militia. All while living on land they weren't allowed to own, subject to regulations they had no part in making, ruled by a tribunal they didn't elect. It's insane!

All it will take is another con man with more vicious rhetoric and they'll be lining up to give him their money.

And in the meantime, they're keeping the "patriot" movement alive by turning their "tribes" into military units, another subject for bafflement. The military institution has to be one of the least freedom-oriented institutions in creation. Don't get me wrong, I have great respect for the individual members of the military, their bravery and sacrifices are some of the reasons this fabulous country exists, but the military itself doesn't operate on the principles of freedom. The military is all about a rigid hierarchy, a thousand regulations, and, with a few exceptions, unthinking obedience. And this is what they want to impose on their entire families!

Ah, smell the freedom.
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Yes, I know. But I was reading a bit of bullshit rhetoric from an open carry thug who claims freedom is forcing everyone to carry guns, and I thought, "How is my old friend Kerodin?" So I wandered over to his site. And what did I see?

I am going from the most recent posts backwards to earlier ones. You can skip this whole post, because it's all stuff he's said from the very beginning. I'm just putting this here for my own amusement.

He's begging for an artist to do something for free. You know, for a guy who's of that rah rah free market crowd, he sure finds it easy to ask for handouts.

The time for talk has passed and he's going to act. Aaaaaaany minute now.

They still haven't moved to Idaho! Still too busy wrapping up their lives on the east coast. Wow, what complicated lives they must have, that it takes over two years. And that studio all those suckers helped pay for? Clearly not yet in operation.

Or maybe he'll just quit the whole thing. After all, he's accomplished so much. (snicker) Maybe he's finding fewer suckers willing to hand over greenbacks while getting nothing in exchange.

He talks about lowering his presence online and in the same post says he opposes people withdrawing into the shadows.

He shows a brief moment of clarity when he writes this:

I'll serve my term in the III Society. I'll continue IIIGear. I'll continue to post here and there. But I honestly can't see where it has helped any Patriots.

He apologises to those who have been waiting for him to send them the overpriced crap they've paid for.

He's banging on again about forcing people he doesn't like to leave the country. Forcing other countries to take these people in, because not only does his version of Natural Law mean being able to oppress fellow Americans, it means being able to oppress everyone else on the planet. After all, none of those countries have the right to choose their own path. Only America does.

Like those radical religious leaders who say murder and rape are "God's work."

I'm taking a second here to try to figure out how, after the decimation of its own population, the dismantling of its economy, and the destruction of the federal government, America would be able to force anyone to do anything. Does Kerodin think he'd get direct access to the nukes? Even if he survived the first five minutes of a national melt-down, no one would let him anywhere near the nukes. He'd be aiming them at other Americans first, because he would be able to watch them scream as their flesh melted off. And it's not like those in charge of the nukes would leave them lying around for any yahoo to play with. I'm sure there's a plan to ship them somewhere or disengage them if the country truly falls apart. (Please, please, let there be a plan.)

He's berating everyone else for not doing anything. Hey, patriots, you need to make up a hundred charities and suck in "donations" just like Kerodin. Then America will be saved! Oh, and brag a lot about what a badass you are. That really inspires awe in intelligent people with a lick of common sense.

I couldn't use this guy as a character in a book. He's too ineffectual and ridiculous to be a villain - unless it's a parody - there's absolutely no character development, and if I used him as a one-shot example of idiocy, people would accuse me of indulging in strawman arguments.

And, of course, no work has been done on building the Citadel of Oppression. Still haven't bought the land for it. Never will.

I'll probably look in again in a few months, and I'll probably find the exact same nonsense.
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Kerodin hasn’t done jack for months, aside from spew nonsense – not even new nonsense, just the same old crap - hence the dearth of posts about him. However, about a year ago satirists became aware of his scam and had a great time laughing at it, while others made comments along the lines of, “All the intellectually stunted nuts holed up behind a wall in once place? Yes, please.” I thought I’d review the “progress” the III Percent have made in the past year, though keep in mind that they actually threw this scam up online about mid-2012 and were scheming over it long before that.

Confession: Aside from anything you see in bold, I wrote this post in mid-December. It was a little game with myself. Could a post written in mid-December be accurate in February? Answer: Yes. (Mostly.)

Kerodin hasn’t moved to Idaho. Neither has anyone else connected with his failed scam. Turns out taking less than a second to tick a box in an online poll doesn’t mean someone is actually prepared to up stakes and to try to start a business in an area with a very small population in a tough economy, with the expectation that they will have to do it all over again when/if the Citadel is ever constructed. You’d have to be a genius to predict that.

No one is living on those twenty acres, which haven’t been developed. Sort of a repetition of the above statement, but I just wanted to remind everyone that those twenty acres that Jim Miller and Kerodin promised to move to in November of 2012 – Through the winter! In tents! – are still barren.

A site for the Citadel hasn’t been chosen.

Still haven’t heard anything about those tv deals and documentaries he claims are in the works.

They did manage to bilk some money from some suckers, but not nearly as much as they’d expected, which is why Kerodin is berating rich people for not donating to his schemes.

No one has murdered anyone. Sane people would call this a good thing, but Kerodin sneers at his own followers’ excuses for choosing not to do so. He’s ready to do it next week! Except he has to make sure his poor, fragile wife is somewhere safe, because she’s a child who can’t handle the big bad society he’s trying to create. (So much for her being his badass equal partner.) No one else is allowed to use the safety of their family as a justification for not engaging in a murder spree. Just him.

When he hears of a violation of rights in other parts of the country, he whines that no one in the area is willing to risk their freedom and their lives and those of their “tribe” to take those fascists down right then and there. There are never any violations of rights where he lives, though. Not sure but the hints make me suspect he lives in or near DC. The city where members of Congress hang out is the one truly free city in America. That’s why he never ends up on the news for his fight for LIBERTY!

There are no American patriots reading this blog, but pretending there are: If there is ever a battle, you can be sure that Kerodin won’t be leading the charge. Or anywhere in it.

Kerodin has alienated most of the other patriots.

If there are, as he claims, a bunch of people working invisibly behind the scenes, they have got to find a better point man.

Hey Kerodin, that $25,000 professional-level (work done by you and your wife, because I guess the definition of “professional-level” is fluid) mail campaign (in DC) that you said you got the money for? Donated by the really serious patriots? Just what happened with that? And when I write ‘that,’ I mean ‘the money.’ And the money for that public service announcement that never happened. Hell, that money from the people who applied to move to the Citadel back in 2012. You’ve been suggesting that a Citadel as you sold it would never be built, that it was more about everyone moving to the same area. Are you going to give that money back? See, Kerodin, this is why they call it a scam. Miller is cashing in on the illogical paranoia of an unfortunate group of individuals who blame their bad lives on everyone else, which isn’t the most honourable of pursuits, but at least he gives people guns in exchange for their money. You just suck the cash in under false pretences and produce nothing.

He did manage to sell some cheaply made overpriced swag, but not enough to make the business profitable, which is why he ditched it. (Update: As of January 19, it appears he has either continued with it or resumed it. He did try to offload the project a while ago, though.)

He did manage to sell some close quarter combat classes driving all over the country, but not enough to make it profitable, which is why he ditched it. Now he claims he’s building a martial arts studio in Idaho, with gear he begged off people on the internet. The universe will tell him when to move there.

Jim Miller, whose gun manufacturing company was incorporated November 2012, got a license to manufacture guns. I have no idea whether that’s a difficult process or not. He did manage to make and sell some guns. How many? I don’t know. Before he started, he claimed one million dollars, more likely two, would be brought in the first year alone, which was utterly ridiculous, and if he’s made a 20th of that, I’ll eat my shoes. Just getting the license had them dancing around claiming it was the final nail in the liberal (communist, socialist, etc, as they're all the same) coffin, so I’m thinking if the sales weren’t embarrassingly low, Kerodin would be setting off fireworks. Update: January 13, 2014. According to a post written by Miller, dated January 1, 2014, they’ve sold “dozens.” Hoo-rah!.

Kerodin keeps trying to claim that the reason no one is calling his scheme a scam anymore is because they’ve been proven wrong; they just refuse to acknowledge it. Sorry, Kerodin, old chap. The reason no one is talking about your scam is because they’ve forgotten all about you.

I know I’ve said before that I would stop posting about this, but I’ve truly lost interest, and I think a year is long enough to spend following what has turned out to be a non-event. If it hits national attention again, then, yes, maybe, but right now the whole thing is just one big nothing.
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Kerodin is once more sulking over the fact that financially well-off people aren't stupid enough to give him money, and he thinks the way to persuade them is berating and insulting them. This may be a false stereotype I carry around, but I don't think many financially successful people cave to bullying from broke churlish conmen. And if I had a business, I wouldn't ally myself with someone who advocates murder.

This is his latest scheme: He wants $22,500 to print and mail demands for donations. According to his completely made up numbers - maybe he worked at Enron - this has the potential to bring in up to $600,000. And this will work because the content will be written by he and his wife and they're really persuasive people.

They're not going to contribute any money themselves, as they never do, because they're contributing their untrained and unprofessional labour.

Then he offers incentives that I don't understand.

Incentive: I'll make a deal with you - if we hit our $22,500 goal and ship our mailing, every person, whether you donate $5 or $5,000 will get your investment back.

First of all, there are two requirements to be met. 1. They make $22,500. Nothing is said about what happens to the money if the target isn't met, though I'm sure they've got some invisible plans for it. 2. The mailing actually occurs. I'm sure they've got some act of god excuses ready to explain why, despite reaching the target, they aren't actually able to mail anything. Or incompetent suppliers. Or Obama is evil.

The money isn't supposed to represent investments. They're donations. Can you collect donations, get more donations, and use the second group of donations to pay off the first group? I'm not being snarky, I really have no idea. Maybe that's a legitimate practice.

Incentive two: If you are THAT III Patriot who is able to underwrite this project with the press of a button - if you donate the $22,500 by hitting the PayPal Button, not only will you receive your investment back as soon as contributions match your donations (Double your money) I bet Jim Miller would build you a One-of-a-kind MM-15.

A contradiction here. There's the implication that the idiot who forks over $22,500 will get double his money - which would mean $45,000, and again, can you do that - but the rest of the comment says he's only going to get his money back, and maybe a gun.

I understand that the real point of it is to support the III Percent agenda, but there's no reason to pick these three people - Kerodin, his wife, and Jim Miller - instead of a legitimate organisation with a track record of accomplishing something more than sucking in money that just disappears.

As if anyone is going to give him $22,500.
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Stay classy, Kerodin.
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Kerodin has a post with extremely vague language, and you know that when someone uses vague language, they're trying to get you to believe something other than the truth without outright lying about it.

We're still waiting for them to actually move to Idaho. The claim has been "soon" for a very long time. He doesn't say whether they've actually got a location or anything for their martial arts/yoga studio, though they have thanked the suckers who gave them money.

About the subject of moving, he recently stated, "Holly and I are heading westward in the next week or so to continue serious work in Idaho to lay the ground for III Patriots who are planning to move to the Redoubt." As you can see, this is a meaningless statement. Everything he does, he calls serious work. Going out there to visit the place is, in his mind, "serious work." When are you moving, Kerodin, as you keep claiming you will and keep trying to guilt people into doing?

Why I find this particularly entertaining is because he has also declared that when the country goes Mad Max, he's going to "fight for the Restoration" in the rugged wilds of Washington D.C. That's right. The rest of the country falls into hell but he's going to hang out in what will be one of the most well-protected areas in the States. I accept that this would be one of the most dangerous places to be if a person were going to fight against the government forces within DC, but we all know that Kerodin wouldn't be doing that.
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This is just in reaction to Kerodin’s recent post. It’s all stuff you’ve read before. I’m rambling.

Kerodin is trying to explain away the evil, ignorant, and cowardly crap he spews.

First of all, Kerodin will never kill anyone, unless some idiot returns to him the right to have a gun and some poor guy with a broken-down car and a dead phone makes the mistake of knocking on Kerodin’s door with the hope of calling a tow truck. That he will never kill anyone is a good thing. I’m just writing about the logical interpretations of his rhetoric.

He says that anyone reading his ravings with intellectual honesty knows he isn’t advocating murder. He’s only advocating self-defence, stating that people have the right to kill those who violate the murderers’ rights. Even from 300 yards away with no warning, involving a victim who might have never had any interaction with the murderer and might not be armed. So let’s review some of the groups of people he says are violating his constitutional and natural rights merely by existing, and who therefore go under the label of Bad People:

1. Anyone who has anything to do with the government. This includes anyone who works for it, such as secretaries. This includes anyone who sells to it, such as people with government contracts. Aside, of course, for Kerodin’s own advocacy group. Kerodin is clear to exclude anyone of these categories who might be of benefit to him.

2. Cops, except those who break the laws in a way that Kerodin approves of.

3. The military, except those who are no longer military and claim that the country the States now is, is not the country they fought for.

4. Communists/socialists/Marxists/liberals/leftists – terms he uses interchangeably – as well as democrats and republicans who aren’t republican enough. This covers everyone who isn’t a “patriot,” his kind of “patriot.”

5. Anyone who is pro-gun regulation.

6. Anyone who is accepting government “hand-outs,” as these people are outright stealing from him. At this time, I’d like to include a tiny sample of the people accepting funding from the government.
a) Anyone on Medicaid. I include this obvious entry and put it at the top because as Obamacare was being rolled out, Kerodin was saying the prior system was the best medical care system in the world, having apparently forgotten that Medicaid was part of that system.
b) Anyone living in an area protected by cops and firefighters.
c) Anyone who has gone to a public school. (Ayn Rand thought there should be no public schools.)
d) Anyone who uses roads built by the state. (Ayn Rand thought there should be no public roads.)
e) Anyone who drinks water or uses electricity managed by the state.
f) Anyone who flies anywhere. Though I guess Kerodin might have trouble flying anywhere with his conviction.
g) Anyone who uses the court system. Such as Kerodin, when he tried and failed to sue a bunch of people for violating his trademarks.

Of course, Kerodin’s sort believe the government funding they like is nothing more than what they deserve while the funding they don’t like results in “hand-outs.” Kerodin’s opinion on these matters will change according to his self-interest.

Kerodin has magnanimously granted Bad People the option of vacating their country, conveniently leaving behind their land and other assets, before being murdered. Of course, such people would have nowhere to go. This ain’t the old days when the Loyalists were able to just move into Canada and stay here. And I’m not going to put down the various numbers concerning world-wide immigration per year, but over 300 million blows prior numbers out of the water. Right off the planet. Into another galaxy. Even if all other countries were prepared to let in a bunch of foreigners without any immigration requirements, the numbers couldn’t be accommodated. And that’s working with the inaccurate assumption that these people could even afford to move to another country.

If the Enemies of Liberty can’t leave, then it’s ok to kill them.

He’s behaving as though the idea of him being willing to kill children is ridiculous. Cause and effect. The country goes Mad Max, you kill millions of parents, you’re leaving millions of kids to die or submit to a horrific existence. Also, if you’re willing to arm them and require them to receive military training from the age of 13, as per the laws of the Citadel, you expect them to go into battle if you decide a battle is necessary. Child soldiers.

This bit makes no more sense than those Tea Partiers forcing a government shut-down and then getting self-righteous when National Monuments were closed, as they inevitably had to be.

He’s justifying “staying on the porch” by first saying it was his choice – um, obviously – that it’s not practical to do anything right now – fighting the government and the majority is never going to be practical - and he’d be all by himself. Meanwhile, several times in the past he’s written about a special group of 300 sprinkled throughout the country who, if they truly are a part of these elite, special 300, will be willing to take down the Bad People all by themselves. He’s also got a poll on his site, and one of the questions he asks is how many people would be willing to strike out on their own and murder people solo.

I guess I continue to read this guy’s crap because I can’t believe that someone so consistently ignorant, hypocritical, and cowardly can still have followers. I’ve mentioned before that he had only around 5 friends, but some of his polls are getting nearly 300 responses. What’s wrong with these people?
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Again, Kerodin hasn’t been doing anything but spew his usual nonsense since I posted a week or so ago, but I had to comment on the new reference used in his attempt to get people to murder everyone else. Star Trek. Star Trek: Descent into Darkness, to be exact. For some reason his attempt to use a sci-fi franchise that's all about hope for the future to rustle up violence against his own government strikes me as ridiculous.

Maybe he's referring to the movie's message of "We sort of lost who we were for a while but we have to make sure to stay true to ourselves," but you know, I think that message was too subtle for him.

And that's assuming he actually saw the movie.

Anyway, massive SPOILERS for Star Trek: Descent into Darkness.

Kerodin put up a video of a scene in which the genetically engineered genocidal psycho bad guy (Kerodin’s hero) says an evil Star Fleet admiral was forcing him to help start a war with the Klingons, using his genetically engineered genocidal psycho crew as leverage. (Which was true.) Psycho then went rogue and committed a bunch of terrorist acts to get his crew back. In the video, Psycho says to Kirk that he’d do anything for his crew, and wouldn’t Kirk do the same? Psycho also sneers at Spock, claiming that Spock could never break the rules, so how could he be expected to break bone? That sentiment is why Kerodin put the clip up.

Part of the backstory is that Psycho and his merry band of murderers travelled the galaxy slaughtering whoever they wanted to just because they could. I imagine this is one reason Kerodin idolises him.

So, some of the problems with the analogy:

Psycho doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the validity of any laws - natural, god given, handed down by Founders - because he considers himself, by virtue of his genetic superiority, above the law. He’s not trying to restore anything. He doesn’t say anything about freedom or anyone’s right to it.

I’m not saying that this isn’t what Kerodin actually feels. I don’t recall him referring to the “all men are created equal” concept. I might be wrong there, but you can’t condemn a bunch of people to death for their political views and then expect anyone to believe you support the equality of people. That Thomas Jefferson stuff is just rhetoric. Still, that might not be the message he wants to put out at this time.

Psycho deliberately takes out half of San Francisco. He murders children.

Kerodin objects to the suggestions that he would slaughter children. OK, so he “only” slaughters the parents. What happens to the kids? Is Kerodin going to take them in? Big resounding no. So let’s say the “patriots” manage to drive the States to collapse. Kerodin hopes 97% of the adult population is killed. According to the US census site, there are currently 73,769,241 children in the States. Those that aren’t the children of the 3% will be left to starve, get killed by whatever, and/or beaten and raped and murdered by whoever is stronger than them. Deliberately putting children in these situations is no better than stabbing them to death. (You know, Kerodin, so you can feel their blood spray.)

Spock proves he is able to break bones, such as Psycho’s arm, when the circumstances are right. This is due to Kirk’s influence – Spock and Kirk have a conversation in which both say “I did this because it’s what you would have done” – not Psycho’s. Kirk bends the rules to save people’s lives. While also endangering lives, but his heart is, usually, in the right place. Sometimes his ego and inexperience get in the way. And he committed an act to save the ship while believing that it would kill him.

Even Psycho is willing to sacrifice his life for his crew. He doesn’t have to hang around and risk his life. He could easily leave his crew behind and take over a remote planet and enjoy a career as a vicious dictator.

No one has any reason to believe Kerodin would do a damn thing to help anyone else. The only “sacrifice” he’s ever made involves allegedly losing money on businesses to go around teaching his fighting classes. Those businesses left him constantly broke, and he wasn’t able to pay for basic supplies for the new business he claims he’ll be starting. And he stopped giving the lessons because they weren’t bringing in enough money, as well as dropping a lot of other III projects because they weren’t profitable. So, no sacrifices at all. Anyone who trusts Kerodin to have his back will be in for a nasty shock if things really do go Mad Max.

Psycho is intelligent, persuasive, and courageous. (Sorta. He is superior to the people around him and has no fear of losing, but he does make plans and follow through with them.) Kerodin is none of those. He has displayed no particular intelligence, no ability to sway many people to his cause – both reasons why he’s a bad conman – and while he’s been posting “Why aren’t you doing something right now” he is also saying he’ll be staying nice and safe in his home waiting for the right time. Which will no doubt be a “Tomorrow never comes” situation.

Psycho loses. In that way, a good analogy.
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Kerodin is now bragging that some letters sent by his wife to the other "patriot" and other gun company has made those men "wet their panties." (Kerodin frequently devolves into school yard vocabulary, especially when it comes to these guys.) He's trying to make her look scary. I know intelligent, successful women can find themselves in an abusive relationship, as abusers are experts at emotional manipulation and that's a whole different part of the brain, but we've been given no reason to believe his wife is such a woman. Her business ventures have done no better than his, and they lost their most recent trademark law suit while representing themselves. I can't imagine being scared by threatening letters written by her.

Do these letters, if they exist, violate any law regarding threats? I had a bit of a discussion with a commenter on another post in which we wondered if Kerodin was deliberately putting his wife in the line of fire by having her name on the docs of all the corporations while he stayed clear. If so, is this is more than the same, having her write the letters instead of doing it himself?

His new twist on nagging people into psychotic behaviour is the statement that the way to win isn't to withdraw into a smaller geographical area. You know all that stuff about withdrawing into the American Redoubt and hiding themselves away in a little citadel? All out the window.

Though the website for the citadel is still up and they're still happy to take application fees.
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The following paragraph is copied and pasted from Kerodin’s blog:

“I chose to marry Holly. Yes, stalking was involved, moving into a hotel very near her home (she lived in another state at the time) was involved when she wasn't looking, and I had to nearly resort to duct tape, but we married.”

Back to me:

How fucking creepy is that?! Oh my god! Does he break the law in every single aspect of his life? And what kind of mental/emotional issues does she have, that she would think an obsessive stalker who won’t take no for an answer is a fit marriage partner? Someone close to me had a stalker. She found moving from friend’s house to friend’s house and changing her work hours in an attempt to be unpredictable terrifying, not romantic. What a freaky household that must be.

I haven’t written about Kerodin for the past week and a bit because that time was for honouring the vets, and Kerodin’s name should never be mingled with those of honourable people.

I wanted to, though, because he is bailing on everything. He wants to off-load all of his schemes onto other people. He claims they have the potential to be money-makers, after an initial infusion of cash, but big businessman Kerodin couldn’t reach that potential, so he is out.

Since then, he has asked for ideas from people – What would they like him to do next? – but no one has any reason to believe he’ll follow through. He’s also whining that not enough people are giving money for the cause.

Surely this will convince people that the citadel will never be made.

It turns out, I guess, that he really is moving this time. He is begging for money for himself to start a martial arts/yoga studio in St. Maries, Idaho. Residents, beware. Why does he need to beg for money? Surely the string of successful business ventures he’d created over the course of his life, the ones he kept saying he had to wrap up before they could move, would convince a bank to give him some financing.

He says he wants to be the beginning of bringing other III business into the area. How, exactly? It’s a tiny studio that will have to run off the tiny population of St. Maries, Idaho, which is 2,402 people. Do you know how many supporters his movement has, across the country? Close to 50. He posted that. Quite the come down from the over 200 families he said applied to live in the citadel way back in February. The local sheriff was reported as saying he thought the citadel was a scam and that even if it happened, it would clearly be an oligarchy, with Kerodin and co controlling everything, and referred to it as a cult. Residents were reported as being against the idea.

Kerodin will probably try to convert people. Just the thing you want with your yoga lesson: An unhinged political rant. And his “principles” forbid him taking money from anyone who doesn’t think exactly as he does. Even if they manage to scrape by, it’s not as though they’ll be creating employment in the area. He’ll be of no assistance to anyone else.

I think that just as hard for him as the complete financial failure are all of the people pointing out that he’s acting like a psycho. He expected to take over – and take advantage of - the “patriot” movement, but instead most have treated him like a pariah, someone who makes the whole movement look so bad that he’s basically doing the work of their detractors.

And to no one’s surprise, Kerodin has briefly put aside the calls to murder everyone who isn’t a III patriot to begin calls for the members of the III patriot group to turn on each other. That’s right. Time to start stabbing each other in the back. I once made a joke about Kerodin and his five friends being the first to get stomped. By the time he’s done, he’s really only going to have five people on his side. If he’s lucky.

He’s telling people if they see someone wearing a III badge, and through their psychic abilities determine that the guy isn’t a real threeper, to just march right over and grab that patch or piece of clothing off him. One commenter pointed out that Kerodin’s advocating assault with legal consequences (where the hell has that guy been up to now?) and wrote that if some random stranger approached him and tried to pull off a piece of his clothing, that stranger would be flattened. Another commenter said that Kerodin’s pushing the kind of blind, unthinking hive mind that he accuses the government of demanding. A third said it wasn’t a patch that made a man, but his actions, like helping other people. Kerodin kinda back peddles in his answers to all of them. Let’s see if that stays up.
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And he doesn't deserve it, and you're bored, but I'm currently in a writing lull. That's a decent excuse, right? Also, there's some legal stuff, which usually interests me.

Anyway ....

If I’ve read Kerodin’s post correctly, the very “patriot” community he’s been trying to take control over has invited him to leave. BWAHAHA!

According to him, it’s because of that other guy, the guy I mentioned him having an ongoing online spat with. The community got sick of that guy, so decided both needed to go. Kerodin doesn’t accept responsibility for either the ping pong game of viciousness or for all of the other things he’s done to alienate a whole whack of “patriots,” because that would require maturity.

So he’s calling him out. Again. Also a handful of others who had the audacity to criticise him. He claims that while his wife is setting up some kind of living arrangement in Idaho – “We really are moving this time, truly truly truly!” – he’s going to travel all over the rest of the country to confront these guys. If they don’t apologise, he’s going to beat them up. He thinks they won’t agree or won’t show up because he’s still under the delusion that he’s scary.

He won’t do it. He has an ongoing theme about being broke, so at some point he’ll say those other losers aren’t worth the money. He says he plans on doing this according to his timeline, so if they agree to meet him, he’ll just pick dates when they can’t show up and then claim they’re cowards. He’ll lie in any way he can think of.

He has warned them that he plans to beat them up – to punish them – for exercising their constitutional rights, firmly placing himself in the category of Bad People or Enemies of Liberty. According to his logic, when you know someone means you harm or will try to steal your constitutional rights from you, you have the right to shoot them as soon as you see them. So, according to his logic, these guys have the right to shoot him on sight.
He is under the belief that if he beats these people up, or otherwise has a showdown with them, the community will take him back. Ah, so sad.


He has removed that post. He claims that he has removed all posts regarding this other guy, which is a convenient excuse. Big brave man bragging about calling all of these guys out and then removing the post before they get a chance to read it. Why not keep that challenge up for all of the other guys?

And then he goes on to trash this guy in a new post. And if you check his older posts, you’ll find he’s kept up those about the other guy. (I know, it’s sad that I checked.) And he continues to post about him.

Kerodin and the other guy accuse each other of being mentally ill, cowards, frauds, and prepared to sell out everyone else for a dime. They both frequently say they aren’t going to pay any more attention to the other guy because they aren’t worth the time, and then keep posting about them. (I know I said that once, but I have since admitted to my addiction.) Still, while I don’t follow the other guy much because he’s not as freaky, from what I have read, he doesn’t seem to be perpetuating a scam and isn’t encouraging mass murder, which makes him ten thousand times the person Kerodin is.

As for the trademark thing, the trademark Kerodin and co are claiming to own is III. The Roman numeral. I’ve looked at the website of the company he’s accusing of infringement, and they don’t have III anywhere on their site, in any of the pictures of their gear. So they’re not “confusing” anyone online. Can’t say anything about their advertising or what they have in the store. I do know that when I google “III guns” I get references to Miller’s company, guns in other countries, movies, and video games.

Kerodin is telling the other guy he’ll be ruined, even though the other guy isn’t actually the person misusing the trademark, if in fact anyone is. Kerodin is telling him how eager the lawyers (plural) are to take this case and that they will get triple damages.

The most common result of trademark cases is an injunction. While lost custom isn’t the only reason judges will order damages, when they find damages, they don’t just pull the numbers out of the air. III Arms makes ridiculously expensive guns out of someone’s garage, someone who has no experience in the business. There has been no bragging about profits or a lot of customers. In fact, Miller has written on his blog that he’s given people full refunds because it was taking so long to fill their orders. III Arms has written right on their website that they can’t guarantee any kind of timeline due to potential unavailability of parts and uncertainty in the political climate. Miller is talking about parts he’s been waiting for since March. So, not exactly a going concern.

I can’t see even a successful lawsuit bringing in much money, and what lawyer is going to set themselves up for that? And these people would be a nightmare to represent. I’ve written before that lawyers get red flags and have to decide whether dealing with these people is worth any amount of money. Delusional and broke people aren’t ideal clients.

Just throwing this out there. I’ve never run a gun business, obviously, but if I did, I wouldn’t limit myself by associating with a fringe element. There are a ton of gun owners out there who aren’t anticipating the end of the world. The III Arms website makes their political agenda clear, while the other company’s website says nothing about that sort of thing. No one would feel they were dealing with a hostile group of people. Why buy from unreliable people with all of that baggage? After all, you’re talking about something you’re relying on to save your life. Wouldn’t the quality of the product be a thousand times more important than the politics of the people you bought it from? (As long as those people aren’t criminals.)
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Kerodin has clearly gotten flak from “patriots” who are rational enough to know wanting to hang a noose on your wall is nuts. (These people have therefore been downgraded to B level patriots, whatever that means. I suspect they might be one of those who are good enough to use as cannon fodder in a showdown but not good enough to actually live in the citadel.) He’s reposted the noose post with additional comments that are a weird mix of illogical backtracking and illogical defensiveness.

The other day, he was begging for rich patrons. That means all of his schemes are tanking! (I haven’t mentioned this before, but he’s stopped holding those close quarter combat fighting classes. Do you think he would have done that if he’d been making money?) The funds collected from the nooses are to go to furthering III projects, which is a meaningless phrase. Anyone who buys this ridiculous, overpriced piece of nonsense is throwing good money after bad.

Have to give him credit for trumping up a “noble” history for the noose, to get the ignorant to fork over money they don’t have because it’ll show respect to the revolutionaries. No, it’s not just another cheap trick to screw more money out of people. What’s next, Kerodin? Are you going to sell bottled water? The Fathers of Confederation drank water!

He praises Charles Lynch who, at some point around the revolution, just went around hanging random Loyalists. These activities had nothing to do with legal processes or battle. And I bet this guy didn’t do it alone. I’m sure he gathered a bunch of other cowards and they swarmed an individual and strung him up. They were utterly devoid of honour. Of course Kerodin identifies with them.

This guy, according to Kerodin, had the moral right to do this. Well, “moral” “rights” don’t cut it. The KKK thought they had the moral right to murder black people, just like Kerodin thinks he has the moral right to murder everyone.

And he seems upset that people are referring to him as someone who murders animals and people. Well, Kerodin, when you salivate for the chance to murder people, and you encourage others to commit murder, people are going to refer to you as a wanna-be murderer.

He’s like a bigot who objects to being called a bigot. If you don’t want to be called a bigot, don’t be a bigot. It’s really quite simple.
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The day after Kerodin begged rich people to give the funds to poor people so the latter can buy what the preppers consider essential, he is asking people to pay money for something that serves no purpose beyond making a point. A noose for a whopping $50. Carry it around during protests and hang it on your wall.

This is to state, “This is what we do to traitors.”

Governments have procedures for traitors, too, Kerodin, but I doubt they’ll be hanging you. That’s a little old school.

When I think of nooses, two ideas come to mind. Hanging a murderer after he’s been convicted during a trial, and KKK members lynching black people because they get their rocks off by murdering people.

Kerodin doesn’t believe in the rule of law, so guess what option he fits?

The real reason to hang the noose on the wall is to scream, “Look at me! Look how badass I am!” If you’ve been reading these posts, you know I think people who have to tell others how great they are, instead of just showing them, are pathetic and not likely to be badass at all.

And it’s meant to sort out the “real” patriots from everyone else. Any guest who sees the noose, thinks, “Psycho!” and gets the hell out of there as soon as possible will be waved off as “not a patriot” and deserving to be murdered.

Kerodin doesn’t seem to understand that every time he slices off another group of people, he deprives himself of another group of suckers. The way to be successful is to appeal to as many people as possible, not keep a checklist of who to alienate next.

In this post, he says that the time for PC dialogue has passed. One of his ongoing themes is that he tried being reasonable in the past but because the people he was dealing with weren’t mindless lemmings agreeing with everything he said, they were the unreasonable ones. His response to that is to plan their murder. Maybe he just has a different definition of reasonable, something that’s the opposite of what every dictionary in the world uses.
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Kerodin is begging for money again, and this time on a far grander scale.

First, I will point out his claim that America would still be a British colony if rich people hadn’t funded the revolution. Given his lack of knowledge about everything – at the very least, they would have gone the Canadian route – I can believe that he actually thinks this way, but I can also believe that he just hopes his followers will accept this incorrect assertion.

Given that everything this group has tried has failed, he’s now begging rich people to fund absolutely everything, all to be contributed to those people who can’t afford anything. This includes things like food. There’s so much stupid and hypocrisy in this, I don’t know if I can remember it all at once.

In the past, he’s made it clear that anyone who accepts money without having earned it is a parasite. This new scheme involves handouts. This is expecting the successful to float the unsuccessful, getting nothing in return. What kind of economic systems does this make you think of?

Rich Americans benefit from the way America works right now. They actively support it. This, according to Kerodin, makes them Evil, and he’s allowed to murder them. And if America does crash, the rich people will leave. They won’t hole up in a primitive little walled city.

But let’s say a rich person really buys into Kerodin’s version of reality. They’ll create their own closed city, with people like them. (Wealthy.) Why would they give money and power to a handful of disorganised yahoos?

You know how some people say there’s no point to getting to know your fiancée before you get married because you’ll learn all about them after, and everyone else thinks, “Wow, that’s stupid,” ? That’s how Kerodin thinks this “revolution,” should operate. Don’t bother learning exactly what other patriots believe, just kill everyone and go over the details later. And after they’ve killed everyone, if Kerodin finds you don’t believe exactly as he does and you try to hang around to enjoy the privileges/rights he promised, he’ll kill you. He wrote that in one of his posts. He will betray the very people who helped him achieve his goals.

I can just see wealthy people salivating to sign up for that deal.
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This is all stuff, almost a lecture, that you already know, but I'm bored and I feel like writing it.

Nothing much citadel related this time, just pointing out that Kerodin has been claiming for about a year that he and his wife would be moving to that rustic undeveloped 20 acres as soon as they wrapped everything up wherever they're currently living. This could be another of Kerodin's failures to live up to his claims, or it's possible no one is allowed to actually live in that area until they pay for it. I know I wouldn't let people live on my land if they hadn't managed to pay for it after 18 months.

Kerodin is desperately hoping the shutdown will force the end of American society, unaware that he and his five friends would be among the first to get stomped if the country goes all Mad Max.

He's showing his ignorance concerning socialised health care.

Also law. He has this ongoing online spat with another self-described patriot, and there's a dispute about a trademark. The other guy says he'd be delighted to see Kerodin on the stand under oath. I confess, so would I. It would be hilarious. Ah, but that will never happen, says Kerodin, because he is not a party to the lawsuit. (As in owner or employee or whatever of the relevant companies.) He seems to think this is some kind of bar to being called as a witness. But hey, maybe down there the only people who testify in civil suits are the parties involved, and other people, like, say, someone who has admitted to being involved in the company in a non-official capacity from the beginning and has a metric shit-tonne of insider and relevant information, would never be compelled to take the stand. It would certainly make civil trials much shorter.

And he might want to take another crack at the definition of tortious interference.

He's whining that Obama has a habit of respecting the cultures of the countries he visits by bowing when a civilised person is expected to bow. "Americans don't bow to nobody!" In this case, he says that doing that caused the king to lose all respect and fear for him.

Like so many others, Kerodin believes that respect is a natural outcome of fear, too limited to understand that one can easily occur without the other. Wanting someone else to be afraid of you - outside of battle - is childish and pathetic, and the only people who respect child and pathetic bullies are other childish and pathetic bullies. (An exception to this is, possibly, someone who is so incredibly brilliant in their field that you have to respect their ability, if not them as an individual.) If that's the sort of people you want to hang out with, go nuts, but everyone else is going to be disgusted with you, and someone is going to decide they have nothing to lose and slit your throat. Or shoot you with one of the guns you're insisting everyone possess. Have fun.

If you can't gain the respect of people without making them afraid of you first, that is a sad weakness on your part.

And I doubt the King of Saudi Arabia is, rightly or wrongly, afraid of anyone. Kings often believe they've been chosen by a higher power, and they're not going to be intimidated by a guy who was elected and will, at most, be in charge for only eight years, no matter how big America's army is.

Kerodin is unable to understand that had Obama failed to bow, the king would have dismissed him as uncivilised, and would probably have dismissed all Americans as uncivilised. Not exactly how you want a trading partner to feel about you.

And seriously, if you're too immature to respect the culture of the country you're visiting, stay home.
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Kerodin’s last few posts have been just more of the same “the government is out to get us so murder everyone,” but this last one has a couple points of note.

A big screaming warning about how awful life would be in the citadel should it ever be built. There was a meeting of patriots a little while ago. Whenever Kerodin writes about these things, he says how valuable it is to meet fellow patriots, shake their hands, look them in the eye. Well, at their last little convention, Kerodin laid out his murder everyone plan, and some disagreed with him. They have been dismissed as idiots. His own kind of people, or so he claims, but when they disagree with him, they’re struck off the worthy list. These are the people who will be kicked off their leased land and out of the citadel for daring to stand up to the owners.

He says he trusts all those who will murder everyone not to go too far. This is not, as far as I remember, an idea he’s raised before. So when you’re murdering everyone who doesn’t agree with you, what’s too far?

And buy his friends’ books. I’m starting to wonder if he gets a kickback every time he puts an ad in his posts.
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It turns out Kerodin's dogs are assholes, too. One barks at every single person who walks by. In earlier posts, he has said he has to keep the animals tied up when around people or other dogs, because they'll attack at random. Not on his command, just whenever they feel like it.

Kerodin is proud of this complete lack of discipline. Of course he is.

So, transport this situation to a closed environment like a citadel. Can you imagine how that kind of crap will infuriate almost everyone? And as there will be no kind of enforcement of any laws, Kerodin might end up with a dead dog. Now, it's not fair to punish an animal because it's owner can't be bothered to train it, so maybe they'll light his house on fire, or do something else to get at him. And then, if he figures out who did that, he'll retaliate, and here we've got an uncontrollable path of escalation. Fun!
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Kerodin has put the hammer down. No threads bashing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights on his blog!!!!!!

It's clear that when he writes "bash," he means "disagree with me." I did say it last week. He's a delicate little flower who can't handle conflict.

He's awfully protective of the Bill of Rights considering he considers over half of the amendments invalid. Especially those little messy ones giving various groups of people the right to vote. Can't have that.

Bashing also means, apparently, discussing the possibility that those documents - how they're written or how they're interpreted, he isn't clear - might be having a negative impact on American society today. Apparently you're not supposed to consider the possibility that documents might need a looking over and maybe even adjustment as the centuries roll by.

He reminds me of that brand of Christian that says you're not supposed to think about the Bible, you're just supposed to belieeeeeve. And what you're supposed to believe is exactly what someone else - priest, politician, Kerodin - tells you to believe.

No thinking! Here, have a gun.

Hey, do three comments count as a thread?
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Ah, Kerodin, you're so sad.

Someone gave him flak about the .308/300 yards/self-defence post and he wrote a huge post about why he can shoot absolutely anyone he feels like for any reason he feels like and it will be self-defence. Seriously. The fact that I write about him on my blog means he can (try to) kill me and it will be self-defence. You don't have to threaten him. You don't have to have the ability to cause him harm. You just have to be someone he doesn't like, because if he doesn't like you, you are doing him harm just by existing. He is a delicate little flower petal, after all. Can't handle conflict.

So, using his "logic," given his expressed intention to kill as many people as possible, he is the threat, and anyone can kill him under any circumstances, and that would be self-defence.

I'm not suggesting anyone kill him or anyone else. DON'T KILL PEOPLE. I'm just ridiculing his argument.

He also volunteered to beat up anyone who wants to challenge him, claiming he's not hard to find. So, so sad. I can't imagine anyone wanting to waste the money on a private detective just for the mild entertainment of hunting Kerodin down and kicking his ass.
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I've had to stop doing face palms every time Kerodin said stupid stuff or I would have had to start telling people I was walking into doors. This time it's both stupid and funny which, I have to say, Kerodin manages a lot. Thanks, Sam! (Or Christian. Or whatever.)

According to him, he sent to a bunch of ammunition companies the following question:

What round/load do you offer that you would recommend for a .308 rifle with a 16" barrel for the best self-defense characteristics at 300 yards or fewer?

300 yards.


So what's the other guy using?

If I were on the receiving end of that email, red flags would be going up. Sometimes a client wants to hire you and you get that gut feeling - crazy person! - and you say sorry, too busy, or something. Anything to avoid dealing with that person, because some people are so awful or deluded about what they're entitled to that they aren't worth the money, no matter how much money that would be. I imagine some companies also get that gut feeling. Like, say, about Kerodin. Who probably would ask to get the ammunition for free - you know, for the exposure - because he doesn't feel he should ever have to pay for anything.

Apparently, one of the responses was this:

Under what scenario would you ever consider a .308 at 300 yards "self defense?"

And Kerodin is claiming it's the respondent who's being stupid.

I'm thinking Kerodin is one of those people who thinks George W. Bush is a genius and would crave the opportunity to kiss his feet.


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