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I just came back from a relaxing Christmas with my parents. I ate too much, of course, much of it highly caloric. I didn't drink much, though, which was unusual. I slept a lot, including lots of naps. And watched movies. I enjoyed the fourth Indiana Jones more than I expected, ridiculous bits notwithstanding. I saw an appalling and aimless movie called The Darjeeling Limited. I have decided to never again watch a movie described as a spiritual journey. That seems to be code for a series of disjointed scenes with a weak over arching narrative.

I read most of the book for the next book club meeting. It is hideously boring. I'm sure if I were a less shallow person I would find it profound and moving, but I am who I am, and it's boring.

I thought of a massive change, and some more minor changes, to make to book five. It'll improve the book immeasurably. That was what I was waiting for. So after I do my final check of book four, I'll ditch the team book (again) and get to work revising book five. At this rate it will be years before I finish the team book.

We spent an afternoon at my sister's. My two year old nephew has started making this odd (but extremely cute) trilling sound. My sister and her husband call it 'the baby dinosaur.' I couldn't figure out how he made the sound. He didn't use his lips or his tongue, so that had to leave his throat, but where would he have picked that up? It was, for him, a guarantee of attention every time he did it, and I was all for encouraging that. It was adorable.

So a good Christmas, overall. I hope those who observe the season can say the same.


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