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Hello all:
Aside from the first book of the Heroes series, none of the titles of the books were mine. Apparently, I really suck at coming up with titles. So, for this last book, I decided to get some input.

I have decided to turn the search for a title into a contest for my readers. I’d like to get suggestions from as many people as possible. If I’m given a title I love, it will be the title of the final book – Heroes Seven – and the person who provides it will win a $50 gift certificate from Amazon or, if Amazon doesn’t operate in that country, a gift certificate worth $50 from the entrant’s local book store.

I will be accepting entries until midnight September 15, 2012, Eastern Standard Time.

The rules follow. Please read them. I’m going to be anal about enforcing them.

Rules for Heroes Seven Title Contest

1.This contest is open to anyone in any country.

2.Any words relating to hero – heroes, heroine, whatever – don’t need to be in the title.

3.It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what the book is about, and I won’t be telling you. So don't ask.

4.People can submit as many entries as they like.

5.By entering the contest, you’re giving me the right to use your title without any compensation beyond the $50 Amazon gift certificate.

6.By entering the contest, you’re giving me permission to post your entry on my blog. This will never be done to make fun of an entrant, only if I find myself liking a bunch of entries and want to put them up for a vote.

7.All entries must be EMAILED to me, and emailed ONLY. Suggestions left on Twitter, Facebook or my blog will be ignored, even if the same entrant also emails them to me. This is to avoid any claims that one person stole an idea from another.

8.If, as unlikely as it may seems, two or more people contribute an identical title, I they will share the prize.

9.Using the winning entry means I will be using the title exactly as it is worded. I won’t be accepting complaints that the choice is, for example, so like someone else’s entry in spirit that they should be considered the same.

10.I won’t be considering any entries that involve offensive language, according to my definition of offensive

11.I won’t even look at anything presented in texting language. If I see a number anywhere, that’ll be the end of that.

12.I’ve never done anything like this before, so there might be bugs I can’t predict. If anyone gives me a hard time, or gives anyone else a hard time, I’ll pull the contest. In that situation, I won’t be using any entries as a title.


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