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This is a Canadian article about the War of 1812 and the fact that both Canadians and Americans (those who know anything about it) think they won. It's called Damn Yankees, so you know the writer's slant on it.

I have to show you this quote because I think it's hilarious:

Donald Hickey of Wayne State College in Nebraska, who stated, “Everybody’s happy with the outcome of the War of 1812 …. Americans are happy because they think they won. Canadians are happier because they know they won. And the British are happiest of all because they’ve forgotten all about it.”
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I've put up a new post on my history blog. It's about The Last Spike by Pierre Berton, which was about the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. I picked the book because Berton is considered the God of Canadian History, and the building of the railway was enormously important, but I expected getting through it would be a real hard slog. I mean, ugh, building a railway, how interesting could that be?

It turned out, very. Eccentric people, danger, scams, guns, abuse of political and journalist connections, and racism. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it all justice.

The prose was compelling, aside from some politically incorrect language.
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I have finally posted my first history report on my history blog. It's about the first battle of the War of 1812. It's here:

It took be a whole lot longer than I expected to put this post together, and the book is really short. Only 220 pages. So I don't know how quickly I'll be able to put up subsequent posts. I'm going to try to aim for a post every two weeks, but that's going to be a huge challenge.


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