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I came across a copy and thought to myself that I’d try to read it, because people use it to excuse so many awful things. I’d tried to read the old testament a few times, but didn’t get far. It’s not the most riveting of prose.

The book gives you a schedule for daily reading, and it’s supposed to take two years. So no, not doing that. I read as much as I feel like, picking out the bits that strike at me and writing down my initial reaction. I'm not "studying" it, nor am I consulting resources to learn whatever alternate meanings the clauses might have. I plan to write a post a week, a book a post, but I might not finish, because this isn’t riveting either.

This post will have two books, Matthew and Mark, because Mark is really short, repeating a lot from Matthew right down to the exact same language, and didn’t spark much worth commenting on.

If you’re going to be offended by unrelenting criticism of the Bible, I advise you not read any of the posts.

Summary: Jesus was a jerk. I will be focusing on the negative because as far as I’m concerned, good deeds don’t make up for bad ones.

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