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The Easy Expedition is available through all amazons, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, ibooks, and so on. It is also available through

Warning, this book came from rage, so anvilicious you should probably wear a hard hat. Please take advantage of the ability to read the first few chapters before buying.

The war between Aldance and Amnisa has been dragging on for three years, and it is past time Aldance put a stop to it. The Aldench have their chance when they learn that the secret to the Amnisans' endurance is their bokra grounds, a rare soil that enhances the health of soldiers, crops, and livestock. Knowing that stealing these grounds will crush the will of the enemy, the military picks a team to perform that task. Edana Carver, charismatic and brash, has never led an expedition before, but such a simple assignment is the perfect opportunity for her to gain some experience. Manis il Havoc, with the ability to crack locks and get into places she shouldn’t be, is bitter over her recent demotion, but no one doubts her intelligence. Damohn Niles, young and pretty, is a talented medic with something to prove. Frayne, the foreigner, is a wonder on the battlefield and a little too secretive. Together, they were more than capable of striking deep into the heart of Amnisa, taking what they wanted, and destroying anything that got in their way.
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This weekend will be dedicated to editing the team book. It may have taken the editor forever to get the manuscript back to me, but I can't say she isn't thorough.

It's hard to get my head back into this world as I was absorbed in the CEO and also the Ottawa 2025 book until now.

I have a title for the team book but I'm having the hardest time coming up with a name for the series. I have a plan for four books - the last one is already written, though it will need enormous rewrites, and that's a long story - and I want the series to have a decent name. Actually, my lazy inclination is to call it Team Book One: The Officer's Daughter, but that gives no indication of the nature of the team, or that the story takes place in a fantasy world. So I'm stuck.
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Finally got the proof for The CEO Can Drop Dead. After I complained the last time, they expedited the copy and I got it in two days. The book looks pretty good, but I won't be recommending anyone buy it through createspace. My plan is to buy a bunch of copies and then try to sell them through the café and wherever else I can think of. Maybe I'll hold a contest for a copy.

Here are photos to show the size. I have no idea why one is sideways and I'm not in the mood to fight with it.

IMG_0033[1] IMG_0034[1]

Also finally, I got the edits back for the team book. One thing I realised already: always plot out the exact miles travelled, not just time. My first editor called me on it with Heroes' Reward, but it wasn't necessary for the scribe book, and I didn't think it would be necessary for this one. I was wrong. Having done that, I caught a glaring flaw. Yay! Also caught another flaw while listening to a boring presentation tonight. Anyway, I'm so glad to put the team book back on the front burner.
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I've heard back from the new editor about her proposal for cost, and it's quite reasonable, so we're going ahead.

It's the team book, which people who have been reading this blog a long time might remember. The team book has a long history with me. I started it back while I was still working on the heroes series. During the lags when a heroes book was being edited by whoever, I'd work on the team book. I'd "finished" it once and sent it to a friend for her feedback, but due to other stuff going on, I didn't get an editor and push on to publication. When heroes seven was done and published, I looked at the team book again and realised that it needed a lot of revisions, and I started on that. Then, Stephen Harper made me furious and I just had to put the team book aside to work on the scribe book.

Once the scribe book was done, I decided to create and work on Ottawa 2025. My friend asked when I was going to work on the team book, but I wasn't inclined to go back to it. However, after a few weeks of working on 2025, I looked at the team book, just to see where I was on the revisions, and I realised I'd been almost done. Given that, I got excited about the book again and decided to finish it.

One thing I learned from the editor of the scribe book was to note the precise passage of time within the story. In the past, I'd vaguely referred to weeks and seasons but that was it. My new habit was largely a defensive measure, because the editor would say, "Why isn't she more proactive here?" and I'd say, "There are eight hundred things going on and it's been four days! Geez!" No, I never said that, I just thought it, so in the later revisions I noted the exact days on the top of the chapter - not to be used in the final draft, just for my own reference - and then I made the character obsessive about keeping track of the days. It's been so many days since this happened. What's taking them so long, it's been so many days since that happened?

As I said, I'd already done most of the major reworking of the team book - pre-editing, of course - but once I was done with the major stuff, I went through it again to catch smaller problems, and at that time I noted the precise days and made adjustments where necessary.

And a good thing, because this new editor wants a precise timeline of the book. Ha ha, already done! I have to type everything, because the original notes are all handwritten, but that's no big deal.

She also wants me to create a timeline for events leading up to the book, even though this book isn't part of a series, and no one's ever asked me for that before. This, along with other communications I have had with this editor, makes me feel confident that she's thorough and takes the job seriously. I can't know for sure until the job is done, of course, but so far there are no warning bells in my head. Picking a freelance editor is scary because you won't know if it will be a nightmare until you're in the middle of it.


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