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1.Release Date

I have to delay the release. You can't imagine how furious I am at myself over this. I don't miss deadlines, not as a student, not as a lawyer, not as a writer. Just, no.

And I gave myself over a freakin' year to do this. What the hell?

The hell is that this book was a little more ambitious for me than what I usually write. I spent a whole lot of time writing material that I ended up not using - 46,000 words. And the editor I hired, wow, good, good job. She's kind of brutal, in a very polite sort of way. The number of revisions required were enormous.

Now, technically, I could make the September 1 deadline. I'm expecting the manuscript with new suggestions from the editor any day now, and then I could make changes and then put the book up as is by September 1. The process, though, is that I make changes and send it back to the editor for further review. That definitely won't be done by September 1.

The new deadline is September 29. It's a Saturday. I've never understood the practice of releasing books on a Tuesday. I never had time to buy/read books on a Tuesday.

2. Title Contest
The title contest for Heroes Seven is extended to September 15. Might as well give people as much of a chance as possible.

3. Book for free and purchase
You would not believe how many people asked me to make the book available for purchase. I was totally expecting a little "hey, free book" response, and instead, of the incredible amount of people who responded to my announcement, only two or so didn't ask me to put it somewhere that they could buy it. (One guy said he'd just email me some kind of cheque-like thing. Is that possible?) Some said they didn't care if I didn't have it professionally edited, that they would still pay for it.

They should be very glad I didn't take them up on the idea of skipping an editor. I know I am.

So, on the one hand, I said I'd put the book out for free. On the other, so many people have said they wanted me to sell the book - and some gave me incredibly lengthy emails with different suggestions - that I feel like I'd be slapping them in the face to say no.

I've also had a bit of a strip torn off me about being gracious.

I'm going for a compromise I hope will make everyone happy. Which is impossible, right? I can already hear the sneering about some kind of plan in which I'd only claimed I give the book away for free with every intention of selling it at the end. Ah well.

The entire book will be placed on my blog and my website. People will be able to read it for free. I've been told that a pdf document is the best way to do this.

I will also be making electronic copies. Most commenters suggested Smashwords, and I've done a little research about the company, and they seem to be sound.

I won't be making hard copies. That process still looks like a nightmare to me.

Anyway, sorry for being unprofessional.


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